eflow through Ice and Fire — new Adventure begins

On June 17 2013, we – the founders of Pedelec Adventures – are taking off on our next expedition. It is our third adventure on speed-pedelecs (pedal electric cycles) after having crossed Morocco’s Atlas mountains and Sahara desert in 2011 and self-sufficiently traveling Mongolia’s wide steppe in 2012. For this year’s trip we have chosen the Nordic beauty of Iceland to show what’s possible on the electric bikes.

Jökulsárlón: mid-sommer night

Jökulsárlón: midsummer night (AG)

Iceland – a country that has been shaped by ice and fire, wind and water, long nights in summer and short days in winter. Traveling in between glaciers and hot springs, we are going to face the elements on speed-pedelecs of the eflow brand. In a variety of surroundings including urban Reykjavík, remote gravel roads in the North-West Fjords and the rough terrain of the highlands, the sporty design bikes will prove their all-round talent.

For Iceland Challenge, we have joined forces with two professionals in their fields: Uwe Schlemender who will support us with an escort truck, technical service and logistics and Andreas Gutmann who is going to create a documentary of the tour. Don’t miss the film premiere at the world’s largest bicycle trade show, Eurobike in Germany on August 28-31, 2013.

While in Iceland from June 17 till July 21, either on the road or off the beaten track, we will post news and photos whenever possible.

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  1. please have a look for the unique icelandic landscape and don´t drive through the nature. Stay on the roads and preserve the fauna and flora.
    If you take this to heart we wish you all the best for your trip across this wonderfull country with it´s absolutely incredible and even vulnerable nature.
    If we hear about that you will be seen off the beeten tracks we hope that a large shitstorm will hit you and your company.
    Greetings from Germany
    two absolutely Icelandfans
    Beate and Michael

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