A Day in Reykjavík

Go faster! (SB)

Go faster! (SB)

Riding around Iceland’s capital city on the eflow bikes was a really enjoyable experience. While withstanding a chilly wind thanks to warm clothes, we admired the Icelanders walking around in shorts and tank tops in 12 degrees C. Oh well, at least we still had some time to get used to the expected June temperatures of around 7 to 12 degrees in Reykjavík.

Reykjavík is the world’s most northerly capital and combines colorful buildings, friendly, open-minded people, eye-popping design, lots of cafes and bars and a passion for music that invites for a wild nightlife. In many ways, the city is strikingly cosmopolitan even though its size compares to merely towns by international standards.

It is this combination of a cosmopolitan and home-like feel that gives the city its charm. Then add a backdrop of snow-topped mountains, rough seas, the cold, clear air and fiery nights under the midnight-sun and you will grasp what it feels like to be there.

We did not have time to check out the much-praised sites such as museums and super-sleek art galleries but rather enjoyed discovering the small streets of the old town by bike and the nightly atmosphere of the harbor. The city where around 38 percent of the Icelandic population lives, approximately 320,000 people, is definitely a place to come back one day!