From June 17th to July 21st, the Pedelec Adventures team crossed the Nordic countryside of Iceland to show what’s possible on the sporty speed-pedelecs, eflow. A brand that has already made a name for itself in the US but that’s new in Europe. For this journey, the Mongolia-proven “pedelec nomads” Susanne Brüsch and Ondra Veltrusky have joined forces with Uwe Schlemender and Andreas Gutmann to support them with an escort vehicle, logistics and the opportunity to document the tour in a film….

What kind of horse are you? (SB)

What kind of horse are you? (SB)

Why the Tour

We all love nature, cycling, and challenges!

Iceland Challenge makes another dream come true since we started Pedelec Adventures as a project and after having crossed Morocco and Mongolia on electric bikes.

In ↗ Morocco in 2011 the challenge was to cross the Atlas mountains and Sahara desert on speed-pedelecs and to cover distances of up to 175 km per day while pulling solar trailers that generated most of the energy we needed to recharge the batteries.

In ↗ Mongolia in 2012 we crossed wide steppe and mountainous areas in a completely self-sufficient way, creating new challenges such as logistics and finding a light-weight solar charging infrastructure that would be rigid enough to master cross-country riding.

In Iceland we faced the elements while crossing spectacular countryside that has been shaped by fire and ice, by wind and rain, by endless days in summer and endless nights in winter.

Several hundred kilometers through the Krepputunga lava desert (SB)

Several hundred kilometers through the Krepputunga lava desert (SB)

Even in summer time it remained a challenge when in Germany, our friends were chilling in the sun while we were chilly in Nordic 5-15 degrees Celsius. But in the end, any stormy and rainy day was worth the unique adventure that no one else has embarked on before on electric bikes. From the very beginning it was this desire to do something extraordinary that has driven us to do these adventures and share our experiences.

By sharing our stories, amazing images and videos, we want to show what’s possible on electric bikes off the beaten track. It won’t inspire everyone to do this same kind of journey, of course. No need. Just allow it to make you want to experience the pedelec feel. And yes, we are also driven by the desire to leave our footprints on the path that leads the world towards more sustainable mobility.

Why eflow?

We have chosen the eflow speed-pedelecs because we believe that they can easily withstand such a challenge even though they are not especially made for crazy projects like this. We see them as almost all purpose bikes for young-at-heart folks who like a sporty ride through nature or urban surroundings.

And because we believe that among an ever increasing variety of pedelecs, eflow bikes deserve the attention of the media and consumers.

Pass ride in the East Fjords (AG)

Pass ride in the East Fjords (AG)

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  2. Hi Guys,

    Very impressed with bikes and video.
    Would you be interested in making Ireland new Wild Atlantic Way your next project.
    It is a 2500km touring route along Irelands stunning atlantic coastline.

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi Fred,

    Thank you!
    The Wild Atlantic Way is definitely a project to think and talk about. Let’s get into more detail by Email.


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