Welcome to Iceland

In the early morning hours while on the ferry from Denmark, we could spot the the first peaks of Iceland still covered in snow!

Well – welcome to Iceland!


When we arrived at the harbor of Seyðisfjörður, we noticed a sincere concern of the Icelandic people that we help to preserve their nature and stay on the marked tracks.  Read more →

Crossing the Ocean

Nordic views (SB)

Nordic views (SB)

On the afternoon of June 17th, we had finally loaded the last pieces of luggage into the truck and left Berlin, heading towards Hirtshals in North Denmark. It took us 12 hours to drive the 800 kilometers to Hirtshals harbor where we arrived in the early morning – early enough to sleep for a few hours on the beach right next to the ferry pier with the truck serving as the perfect on-the-spot-hotel.  Read more →

Ready for the Highlands?

We are ready! Now that we have bought this 4×4 Iveco Magirus to escort us through the highlands and to assist us crossing rivers and a lava desert, nothing can stop us from traveling Iceland off the beaten tracks.

Iveco Magirus 4×4 Truck

Iveco Magirus 4×4 Truck

This 160 PS truck used to serve the public technical aid (THW) in Germany before an outdoor fan bought it to tour Africa with.  Read more →